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Title : Smallholders in Thailand and REDD+ and FLEGT linkages in Linking FLEGT and REDD+ to Improve Forest Governance
Author : Jay Samek, David L. Skole, Usa Klinhom,Teerawong Laosuwan , Pornchai Uttaruk and Chetphong Butthep
Year : 2014
Type : Other
Detail : FLEGT and REDD+ have common interests and goals. Both work towards reducing pressures on natural forest by addressing underlying causes of deforestation and degradation. Both can have important impacts on climate mitigation by effecting important land-use changes. This article highlights a potential opportunity for FLEGT and REDD+ initiatives that focus on smallholders in Thailand. Smallholders are individual farmers or farmer families whose primary livelihood activity is farming. Their farm areas may include trees that support household needs, either through cash transactions or direct use. Smallholders in Thailand are contributing to reducing deforestation and forest degradation and mitigating climate change