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Title : Estimating Tree Biomass via Remote Sensing, MSAVI 2, and Fractional Cover Model . IETE Technical Review. 31(4)
Author : Teerawong Laosuwan & Pornchai Uttaruk
Year : 2014
Type : Article
Detail : This research applied the combined techniques of remote sensing, modified soil-adjusted vegetation index 2 model (MSAVI2), and fractional cover (FC) model to estimate above-ground tree biomass. The study was conducted through the atmospheric correction of satellite. Using MSAVI2 model for classification of vegetation, a pixel value between 0 to 1 is taken as vegetation while a pixel value less than or equal to 0 is taken as non-vegetation. Using FC model for the classification of vegetation, pixel values were identified in the range 0–100. Through statistical method, data then were correlated with field data, generating the equation of y = 0.057e0.046x. In addition, the equation and results of this study would be implications for further determining base line to calculate tree biomass under the Low Carbon University project at Mahasarakham University, Thailand.