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Title : Seasonal variation of black fly (Diptera: Simuliidae) species diversity and community structure in tropical stream of Thailand. Entomological Science. 13(1): 17-28.
Author : Pairot Pramual, Komgrit Wongpakam
Year : 2010
Type : Journal
Detail : Abstract Seasonal variation of the physicochemical conditions of streams plays an important role in aquatic insect diversity and community structure. Asian tropical streams profoundly change between seasons due to the effects of monsoons. However, little is known about how these changes affect aquatic insect diversity and community structure. The objectives of this study are to examine seasonal variations of the physicochemical conditions in tropical streams in Thailand and to assess the effects of these changes on black fly community structure and diversity. Black flies were sampled and physicochemical conditions recorded at eight sites between December 2007 and December 2008. A total of 10 black fly species were found. Comparisons of the streams between seasons revealed that physical conditions related to rainfall rate were significantly different. Canonical correspondence analysis differentiated sampling sites from each season. Streams in the rainy season were faster and deeper, with higher discharge and conductivity than those of the cold and dry seasons. Species richness was significantly higher in the rainy season than in the cold and dry seasons (F = 6.23, P = 0.004). Community structure profoundly changed between the low-flow season (cold and dry)and high-flow season. Black fly species found predominantly in the low-flow season (Simulium siamense “cytoform A”, S. aureohirtum) decreased dramatically during the high-flow season. In contrast, species found at high frequency during the high-flow season (S. nakhonense, S. angulistylum) disappeared in the low-flow season. The study demonstrates the importance of seasonal variation of stream conditions on black fly community structure and diversity.