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Title : Variability of internal transcribed spacer ribosomal DNA sequences of Fuscoporia gilva and Fuscoporia sp. in Thailand. Czech Mycology 64(1): 55–64.
Author : Yuwadee Insumran, Usa Klinhom, Pairot Pramual
Year : 2012
Type : Journal
Detail : The objectives of this study were to examine genetic variation based on the ITS region of the ribosomal RNA gene sequences of Fuscoporia sp. and F. gilva from Thailand. Considerable levels of genetic variation were found in the Thai samples. The mean intraspecific genetic divergence was 5.74 % for Fuscoporia sp. and 5.33 % for F. gilva, indicating that they might be composed of several genetically distinct species. Phylogenetic analyses revealed that Fuscoporia sp. from Thailand was genetically related to F. callimorpha and F. senex. However, comparisons of the morphological characters and the level of genetic divergence indicated that they were different taxa. Two divergence lineages among Thai Fuscoporia sp. associated with host species preference were found. This finding could indicate the role of host association in genetic divergence and probably speciation. Fuscoporia gilva from Thailand was clustered with conspecific species from other geographic regions. Nonetheless, levels of genetic differentiation are highly consistent with their divergent phylogenetic clades. This indicates that specimens from Thailand might represent genetically distinct species. Further study using other genes and an in-depth morphological analysis would be needed to clarify the species status of these important mushrooms.